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The village of Goldring (named for the fields on golden wheat the surrounded the farming community) was completely decimated by an attack from a massive black dragon known in the common tongue as Zeballos in 1481 DR, the Year of the Grinning Halfling. The attack killed many of the adults of the village, particularly those tending the fields. A small group of folk, some of whom were retired adventurers took up arms against the mighty dragon. No strangers to fighting these fearsome beasts, the band of heroes slayed the winged attacker. Sadly, all of the stalwart defenders lost their lives in the vicious battle, save for one: Radamel Falcao, the grizzled old fighter. In spite of the healers’ best attempts, they were unable to save Radamel’s shield arm following the battle.

The village’s small schoolhouse was left untouched, resulting in a large numbers of children surviving without parents. Manno Theos, a priest of Chauntea who had been teaching the children at the time of the attack, opened an orphanage in the days that followed to care for those who lost their families on that dark day.

In the years following the attack, the village became known as Blackburn, to immortalize the events of that awful day where the dragon’s breath weapon destroyed much of the surrounding flora, leaving blackened fields and contaminated soil.

Due to the tireless efforts of the surviving villagers, and many prayers to Chauntea, the fields around the village have recovered, flourishing with wheat and barley. Some of the locals have started planting hops and are even brewing some excellent beer and ale. The Hefty Tankard serves their Blackburn Stout which is rumored to be one of the best brews on the Sword Coast. Orders for kegs of the stuff have been flowing in from Baldur’s Gate and Daggerford. The proprietors have recently secured an order for a shipment to Waterdeep – the City of Splendors!